Llama Base Camp Is Back

June 16 – June 22, 2019


Our Llama Base Camp features llamas as pack animals, companions and therapeutic assistants. The journey takes place near Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina at Challenge Adventures llama farm.  Campers will live on the Llama Farm and from there will play, swim, fish, hike, camp and explore with a new best friend by their side – their own personal llama. Campers lead, feed and care for their own llama, and the llamas, in turn, take the children into the pac, carry equipment and food, provide unconditional acceptance, and demonstrate, along with the herd, how to be part of a cooperative team/community. The llamas form a protective relationship toward their human partners, which gives participants a sense of security and invites campers to be part of the team.  This expedition also includes opportunities for adventure based counseling, group games, camp craft and primitive skills for those who want to learn.


Aerie’s programs provide unique experiences that integrate and promote the overall individual treatment plan of each camper. Aerie coordinates directly with parents, practitioners and educators providing ongoing services in order to prepare each camper for the wilderness journey and to offer follow-up regarding the camper’s response to the summer camp experience. All summer camps include:

  • Treatment team consultation with involved practitioners and schools
  • Discharge summary and consultation
  • Option for a pre-camp in home visit (GA and NC) to familiarize the camper and parents with our staff and the trip.  We find this helps reduce anxiety for both our campers and parents


Cost: $2400 per camper.
Ages: 8+
Capacity: 10 campers


Camper Applications

Have questions? Call or email Matthew Weneta, 404-285-0467 / mdweneta@aerieexperiences.com.