Aerie’s programs provide unique experiences that integrate and promote the overall individual treatment plan of each camper.

2023 Summer Schedule

Coastal Expedition:

June 10 – June 16, 2023

June 23 – June 29, 2023

Arts & Adventure:

     July 1 – July 7, 2023

Animal Farm (Zoo) & Carnival:

July 14 – July 20, 2023

Scuba Camp Expedition:

July 27 – August 2, 2023

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Aerie coordinates directly with parents, practitioners and educators providing ongoing services in order to prepare each camper for the wilderness journey and to offer follow-up regarding the camper’s response to the summer camp experience. All summer sleep away camps include:

  • 2:1 Student-to-Staff ratio
  • Treatment team consultation with involved practitioners and schools
  • Discharge summary and consultation
  • Option for a pre-camp in home visit (GA and NC) for registrations received before 4/1 to familiarize the camper and parents with our staff and the trip.  We find this helps reduce anxiety for both our campers and parents.

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Arts & Adventure: Arts offerings feature Guest Artists partnered with Aerie Staff in the instruction of ceramics, theatre arts, folk crafts, music, and more! This camp is particularly designed for kids who enjoy and would benefit from an expressive arts environment where quirky is cool, the stars are clear, and your friends are goofy too. Limit 12 campers, ages 8+. Learn more.


Animal Farm (Zoo) & Carnival: Camp out on nearly 100 acres at the backside of beautiful Camp Carnival’s Rescue Animal Zoo where it rains rubber chickens and the streams run-of with root beer. Your child will be caring for, nurturing, and loving some of the 400 rescue animals that include a monkey, a tortoise, alpacas, and llamas. The kiddos will also enjoy their own personal carnival adapted to their needs. Limit 10 campers, ages 8+ Learn more.

Coastal Expedition and Camp: Campers will explore the forested  uplands, the vast salt marshes and the complex beach and dunes systems – as well as play a lot of camp games and learn to surf cast. Campers will also paddle, fish, create arts & crafts and explore the  possibilities of self within the possibilities of the wild. Limit 12 campers, ages 10+. Learn more

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Scuba Camp Expedition: Our week-long diving experience caters to our older (14+ years old, and young adults) kiddos.  A Sensory Seekers delight.  Each camper has their own individual Dive Master from our partner, Ohana Dive Company.  These dive professionals will be with the students from start to finish of the water portions of this trip. No experience required or expected. Feel the calm quiet and pressure of the water, the excitement and beauty of exploring a different world. Learn more.

Paddle Trek Expedition: Campers at the Paddle Camp will explore the waters of North Georgia. The adventure starts with a day of flat-water instruction. From there, campers progress to guided white water adventures. Together we will scout the rapids, fish, sing, swim, and play while celebrating our adventures, individual strengths and new friendships. No previous paddling experience is needed or expected for this trip. This camp expedition is designed so that beginner paddlers can have high adventure in a protected, fun and loving environment.
Course area specifics will be determined by group skill, physical ability and current river flows and conditions. Limit 10 campers, ages 10+. Learn more.

Equine & Arts Family Adventure Camp: Aerie’s Equine, Arts and Adventure Family Camp is intended to be fun for all. It is an opportunity for your family to play and adventure together in an environment that caters to the unique needs of your family, a family vacation for the whole family.  It is an opportunity to identify and reinforce individual and family strengths both through shared experiences and separate programming for children and parents. Learn more.

High Adventure Expedition Camp: Campers will experience life on a working horse ranch, explore the Cumberland Plateau, and trail ride through Big South Fork National Park. Limit 12 campers, ages 8+. Learn more.