Aerie Education and Treatment consults are a prescriptive concierge service intended for families navigating increasingly complex situations with complex children where traditional approaches and practice has not been effective.  Aerie Consults specialize in children with complex neuro-biology driving difficulties for the child and family system.  Consults range from day school placements or wrap around treatment planning to intensive residential placement.  Most aerie consult focus on preventing a need for residential placement.

Consults all involve a multi-disciplinary team and approach to planning and implementation of treatment plans specializing in complex Neurobiological Disorders.  Aerie consults address family systems realms of functioning in addition to individual realms of functioning.  Aerie Consults are designed to create forward movement when the situation has become stuck.  We get into the weeds with families and work to address core areas of life and functioning with our children and families; mental health, education, vocation, social experiences, nutrition, play, family and faith.

Intensive In-Home Container

Intended to understand and coordinate local supports including; local special needs day school placement, therapies, social opportunities, in home support and education to meat academic, emotional, family and social needs.

Intensive Residential Placement Consult

When supports needed beyond that of home and community are needed to keep a child safe or specialized tools are needed resolve the issues getting in a child or families way.