Matthew graduated from University of North Georgia, December 2014, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sport, Exercise, and Recreation. He loves going camping and hiking and enjoys just about anything outdoors. He enjoys playing most all sports and especially baseball, frisbee, and tennis. Matthew loves to sing while playing guitar and piano. He is a very fun, social, and outgoing person who loves being around people. His first away-from-home youth camp experience was Word of Life Youth Camp in 2005 which changed his life. He had the most incredible time learning, while leaving his comfort zone & meeting new people, in which he made many new friends. He has always enjoyed youth camps like that one and has a passion for working with teens and young people alike. He had the privilege of being one of Matthew Weneta’s students for several college courses such as Youth Development in Camp, Adventure Based Programming, and Psychological and Educational Principles of Recreation & Leisure. He then found out that Matthew Weneta ran a youth camp for kids with special needs called Aerie Experiences. He first started working with Aerie Experiences, as a camp counselor, in the summer of 2014 for his internship. To him, this was an amazing experience and he learned so much. He has been a camp counselor with Aerie Experiences for several camps and trips since then. Aerie Experiences has created such a warm and accepting culture of friendship, safety, and love and Matthew says that he has enjoyed every minute of being a part of the Aerie family.