High Adventure Expedition

Aerie’s programs provide unique experiences that integrate and promote the overall individual treatment plan of each camper.

Aerie coordinates directly with parents, practitioners and educators providing ongoing services in order to prepare each camper for the wilderness journey and to offer follow-up regarding the camper’s response to the summer camp experience. All summer camps include:

  • 2:1 Student-to-Staff ratio
  • Treatment team consultation with involved practitioners and schools
  • Discharge summary and consultation
  • Option for a pre-camp in home visit (GA and NC)
  • This is to familiarize the camper and parents with our staff and the trip.  We find this helps reduce anxiety for both our campers and parents


Explore the mountains and waters of North Georgia.  Paddle, Trek, Climb and Repel on this adventure that caters to Aerie kids 12 and up.  An Adventure of a life time with life long friends.  Together we will scout the rapids, plan our climb routes, creek stomp, fish, sing, swim, and play while celebrating our adventures, individual strengths and new friendships. Course area will be determined by group skill, physical ability and current river flows and conditions.  No previous wilderness experience is needed or expected for this trip. This camp expedition is designed so that beginner explorers can have high adventure in a protected, fun and loving environment.

Limit 10 campers / Ages 12+

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