July 14 – 20, 2023

We will camp out on nearly 100 acres at the backside of beautiful Camp Carnival’s Rescue Animal Zoo where it rains rubber chickens and the streams run-of with root beer. Your child will be caring for, nurturing, and loving some of the 400 rescue animals that include a monkey, a tortoise, alpacas, and llamas. The kiddos will also enjoy their own personal carnival adapted to their needs. 

In this fun, loving, and nurturing learning environment, the young campers will learn about caring for themselves and others through their experiences caring for and receiving love from our animals. Under the guidance of Aerie’s experienced and professional staff, our kiddos will strengthen their understanding of and ability to express empathy with their peers, developing and maintaining enduring friendships.

Of course, there will be all the usual silliness you’ve come to expect from Aerie: games, primitive crafts, camp-fires & s’mores, and bad, repetitive jokes! Kiddos also go swimming, fishing, and down slip-and-slides in the sun. Qualifications for this program include being goofy, playful, and silly and the willingness and ability to get dirty and smelly while having fun.  We send home happy, tired, muddy kids who have made wonderful, new friends.

Aerie coordinates directly with parents, practitioners and educators providing ongoing services in order to prepare each camper for the wilderness journey and to offer follow-up regarding the camper’s response to the summer camp experience. All summer sleep away camps include:

  • 2:1 Student-to-Staff ratio
  • Treatment team consultation with involved practitioners and schools
  • Discharge summary and consultation
  • Option for a pre-camp in home visit (GA and NC) for registrations received before 4/1 to familiarize the camper and parents with our staff and the trip.  We find this helps reduce anxiety for both our campers and parents

Cost: $2750 per camper.
Ages: 8+
Capacity: 12 campers
Aerie Camper Application

Have questions? Call or email Matthew Weneta, 404-285-0467 mdweneta@aerieexperiences.com.