Alyssa Kaughman

Alyssa Kauffman hails from NY and is really happy to spend part of her summers with Aerie campers and staff, trying to pick up a southern accent. She’s currently failing. During the school year she puts on her grown up façade where she works as Associate Professor of Communication and serves as Assistant Academic Chair of Communication & the Arts department at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island, NY. Her expertise is in Interpersonal Communication, has a minor in Counseling, a Concentration in Outdoor Education, and loves creating opportunities for putting her mix of skill sets to use in various in contexts.
However, if you ever catch her in a rare quiet moment, she’ll truthfully tell you that her favorite side comes out when she gets to play. She loves working with kids of all ages and what she likes best about them is knowing that when kids talk, they want you to listen because everything they say is important to them. You’ll usually find her with a smile and a story….unless she accidentally steps in poo at the ranch. Then she may have a frown and a scream. (But word on the street is that she likes it when the kids know that they excel where she doesn’t).