Our Aerie Adult Adventures are intended for our older alumni and adults in the community who want an authentic experience with other authentic adults. Our participants will live, work and play while living with and getting to know other like-minded adults. We will provide opportunities for common interests and novel experiences in an informed, kind and accepting environment.

Our Aerie Adult Adventures are an amazing opportunity for like-minded, authentic adults to have an opportunity for authentic connection! Doing fun stuff adults choose to do. While also contributing; whether it is working in the kitchen, chopping wood, tending the animals or staking hail bays with the tractor.

Our Adults will have the opportunity to participate in high interest activities in a accepting and kind environment where quirky is cool, and the landings are soft. Surrounded by an experienced and mature staff our adults get to be adults in a world suited them.

2018 Aerie Adult Trip Dates
May 11-13
August 24-26
December 26, 2018-January 2, 2019  Aerie Adults Take the Ranch

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